Uganda To Host East African Arbitration Conference


The East Africa International Arbitration Conference, EAIAC has grown to become an authoritative platform in East Africa promoting the region’s legal capacity, and highlighting Arbitration as an alternative investment dispute mechanism.

EAIAC 2016 will highlight the importance of international arbitration as a tool for promoting foreign investment on the Continent, look at arbitration case studies from Uganda and the region focusing on infrastructure, natural resources and Energy projects.

Uganda’s is increasingly gaining recognition as a leading Infrastructure and natural resource player in the Eastern African market, and the organizing committee considers Kampala as a natural choice for hosting EAIAC 2016.

EAIAC 2016 will take place on the 8th & 9th of September at the Serena Kampala and will be addressed by Government Ministers from the region, international Arbitration professionals and Investment experts.

Organised by GBS Africa, the Conference is supported by regional law societies, Private sector bodies, development agencies, regional governments and Investment community with an interest in East Africa.

The platform brings stakeholders together to share best practice, network and chart the way forward for East Africa’s Arbitration practice.

EAIAC Kampala 2016 will build on the success of the previous conferences held in Addis Ababa (2013), Nairobi (2014) and Dar –Es Salaam (2015)

The conference will be invaluable to Uganda and indeed the East Africa Region as we  position East Africa as a competitive destination for investment.


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