Primero Transport’s NGN10 Billion BRT Business Threatened By Striking Drivers


Primero Transport Services Limited has explained its side to the strike action declared by its drivers. Hundreds of drivers working under the company operating the bus rapid transport, BRT in Lagos had embarked on a strike action

Earlier today, commuters who depend on the BRT as their primary means of movement within the Lagos metropolis were today left in the cold as the entire BRT lane was empty.

Primero’s drivers had complained of irregular wages paid to them by the management. At a protest attended by the company’s workers, drivers who spoke to the media said their basic salary is NGN40,000 and an additional performance bonus of NGN20,000 that the company has refused to pay for a long time. The drivers complained of victimisation and witch-hunting by the management as a pretext to deny them of their bonuses.

However, Fola Tinubu, CEO of Primera Transport Services said most drivers are either ‘lazy’ and or ‘negligent’ in their duties. He claimed that the management had actually lowered the criteria determining the payment of performance bonuses. According to him, many drivers have been indolent and sabotaging the company.

Fola Tinubu in an earlier interview said Primero is worth NGN10 billion. He said “Primero has the right to use the BRT lanes. We are talking with the regulatory authority because we were specifically given the right to use the BRT lanes. From Ikorodu to Mile 12, nobody uses the lanes but us. It’s from Ketu to CMS that we want LAMATA to enforce the necessary laws to enable us to use the lanes exclusively.

According to his projection, the company will have at least 3,000 buses at the end of the year.

As at the time of filing the report, there has been no resolution on the matter between the management and the worker’s union.


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