Ohis Ohiwerei Is Now Part Of AXA Mansard

Ohis Ohiwerei

AXA Mansard PLC said its board has unanimously appointed  Ohis Ohiwerei as an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company subject to regulatory approvals from the National Insurance Commission.

According to the statement, Ohiwerei is an experienced professional with over 23 years cognate experience in banking, which started in 1992 in Guaranty Trust Bank plc (GTBank) and worked in various departments in the bank until 1998 when he joined Ecobank Plc as Country Treasurer for Nigeria and a member of the regional treasury audit team, a position he held till 2000 when he joined Diamond Bank Plc.

He served as Chief Financial Officer of Diamond Bank Plc and became Executive Director (Corporate Banking) of Diamond Bank Plc from 2005 till his retirement in 2010. While at Diamond Bank, he also served as the Chief Financial Officer and (Non-Executive) Director of ADIC Insurance Limited. In October 2011, he was appointed as an Executive Director of GTBank, where he was responsible for Commercial Banking, Lagos Division and Public Sector of the Bank for four (4) years, until his retirement from the Bank in October, 2015.

During his banking career, he served on various Boards and acquired strong financial/currency analysis and risk management skills from his exposure to multicurrency and multicultural institutions through international trade and finance, asset and liability management, currency trading and money market operations.

He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Benin and a Master of Business Administration degree from the same institution. He has attended various courses and seminars locally and abroad including the Advanced Strategic Management program at the prestigious IMD, Switzerland and an Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School. The Board and Management of AXA Mansard Insurance plc are confident that his wealth of experience will be a great addition to the existing mix on the Board.


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