Top 30 Finalists Of The AVDD 2016


After a nationwide contest, the Aso Villa Demo Day, AVDD has announced 30 finalists for its first edition.

Some of the startup ideas are already existing while some of them are totally new. According to the organisers, AVDD is aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, innovation, job creation and economic growth through the use of new and emerging technologies.

This event is to celebrate some of the best Nigerians in technology innovation and creativity and also feature inspiring talks from thought leaders and experts from different economic sectors in Nigeria.

President Muhammadu Buhari will host the finalists below from across the country as they pitch to a wide range of investors and decision-makers in the public and private sector.

1.      Chika Uwaze – Talent Base

2.      Obidipe Oluwaseun – Mocapro

3.      Tele Ogundipe – Egusi Soupe

4.      Amaka Osita – Fuel

5.      Tolu Adeyanju – Red Bank

6.      Ifedayo Oladapo – Grit Systems

7.      Nkem Okocha – Mama Moni Limited

8.      Ebuka Nwora – Etyres

9.      Dami Olokesusi – Shuttlers NG

10.   Amarachi Nwanamodo – Amagzy Global Ventures

11.   Oladimeji Sofowora, Wole Ralph, Laolu Ojeniyi – One Medical

12.   Mogbeyiteran Tosan – Blackswan

13.   Angela Adelaja – Fresh Direct

14.   Ahmed Sodiq – Micro Scale embedded

15.   Dimgba Kalu – Projaro

16.   Abubakar Garba & Abdul Samad Gorbin

17.   Emmanuel Okena – Tracology

18.   Lois Auta – Cedar’s seed

19.   Kamaludeen Sabiu – Seamless system’

20.   Peter Agada – Tiller Cyrus

21.   Desmond Okoye – Doctor’s office

22.   Uzuq Tim –

23.   Alifa Nicholas –

24.   Roland Reagan & Edmond Adoku – Meditech

25.   Akinola Solomon – Africa on the rise tech community

26.   Alison Ukonu – Recycle points

27.   Uche Ariolu – Foodstantly

28.   Benson Godwin – Tuteria

29.   Mina Ogbanga – Ascent GP

30.   Odior Yole – GO CV

AVDD is organised by the federal ministry of communications and the presidency.


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