Ozaremit Gets Funding From French Investors

Ozaremit Gets Funding From French Investors

Ozaremit has announced that it has secured funding from French investors-Thibault Launay, Romain Girbal and Célia Grémy to boost growth.

According to the company its latest investors “have a vast experience investing in mid to early stage startups, including soon to launch Afrimalin.com, a classified listing platform for Francophone Africa”.

Ozaremit said the company is still in discussion with top tech investors to secure more funding

Commenting on the development, Ibrahima Soumano, Ozaremit co-founder and CEO, said: “We are pleased to get leading international entrepreneurs and investors on board to accelerate our growth. We will rapidly scale Ozaremit’s customer base and expand our activities beyond top-up. We are set to be the next fintech success story”.

The company said new funding will help ramp up marketing across multiple channels and allow Ozaremit to launch its agents network in an effort to make the service widely available to offline customers.

Ozaremit allows its users to send airtime, money and pay bills for your loved ones instantly: A new user interface offering cross border remittances for mobile airtime, bill payment and mobile money transfer will be unveiled in the coming weeks.


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