Coscharis Group Cuts 208 Jobs

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Coscharis Group, one of the leading car distribution and merchandise company has retrenched at least 208 people from it workforce.

Source at the company said the company has issued retrenchment letters to all affected. The sack affected staff across every subsidiaries of the group.

The General Manager, Marketing, Coscharis Group, Abiona Babarinde, has declined to comment on the matter.

Coscharis was founded by Cosmas Maduka is the founder, President/CEO of Coscharis Group.

He started Coscharis Motors as a one-man business and over the years has transformed the organization into an indigenous conglomerate with diverse interest in Manufacturing, ICT, Petrochemical, Auto care and Auto Components, Automobile Sales and Services, Agric and Agro Allied business sectors of the Nigerian economy.


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