This Is What Uber Achieved In Two Years

Rebecca Messina

Uber, the ride-hailing app is exactly two years in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. The company has released its key milestones within the first two years of its operations.

It’s been 2 years since Uber hit the streets of Lagos, and it’s been an absolutely exhilarating ride. During this time, we are humbled to have moved with you over a Million times in Lagos.

Lagos never stops moving, and since launching in 2014, neither have we.

As part of this incredible adventure, we thought we’d crunch a few numbers and let you know exactly how much you’ve moved us.

  • We have connected thousands of people since launch and have facilitated over a million trips through the platform!
  • Our one millionth trip took place on 16th July 2016 from Yaba to Lekki.
  • We’ve moved over 40 nationalities in the country since we launched!
  • We have travelled approximately 9,000,000 km in the time that we have been here.
  • That’s almost the exact distance to make 10 trips to the moon – and back too


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