UBA Denies Involvement In Failed Turkish Coup


There are insinuations in the media that the United Bank for Africa, UBA, one of the tier one bank in the Nigerian financial services sector had links with the failed coup in Turkey.

In a response to neutralise the rumour, UBA through its Head of Corporate Communications has issued a statement describing the reports as false and ‘malicious’.

He concluded that “we believe it is necessary to categorically state that UBA has no involvement in or connection to these accusations, which are clearly false.”

He said UBA “remains focused and firmly committed to its goal of building Africa’s premier banking institution”.

UBA Coup Denial

Trouble erupted in Turkey when a splinter  group in the Turkish military attempt to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The aftermath of the failed coup has led to a massive crackdown on all suspected plotters and their allies.


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