Abuja-Kaduna Rail Network Is A Breather


After many years of neglect and decrepit infrastructure, Nigeria’s federal capital now has a modern rail system that connects Abuja-Kaduna.

The rail infrastructure was today commissioned by President muhammadu Buhari. The train network will connect passengers living in Kaduna and Abuja vice versa.

Abuja is Nigeria’s administrative capital and it is the melting pot of political activities for Nigeria. The city itself does not have a monorail or underground train system that connects various parts of the city together.

Part of the key advantage of the Abuja-Kaduna rail network is that it will help decongest Abuja. For many years unending, many blue collar workers and civil servants are forced to stay within Abuja.

This has forced property market prices to unimaginable levels. Many civil servants are left with no choice to stay in satellite towns with little or no modern social infrastructure comparable to Abuja municipal.


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