Amaju Pinnick: NFF Board Clears The Air on Impeachment Story

Pinnick Caf

The Board of Nigeria Football Federation, NFF has described reports in the media the NFF President Amaju Pinnick faced an impeachment threat at the board’s meeting on Wednesday as false.

News filtered in that after the unprofessional handling of Paul Le Guen’s deal, the board members at their next meeting threatened to impeach Pinnick and also demanded to know the full details of the sponsorship deal he secured to cover the contract of a foreign coach.

Reacting to this news, Chairman of NFF Media and Publicity Committee, Hon. Suleiman Yahaya-Kwande said in a statement published on the federation’s website, “The NFF has never taken up issue with anyone or any organization for criticizing its work or disagreeing with its policies and decisions. However, outright fabrication of what someone expected or assumed to have transpired at a meeting or forum is unprofessional and condemnable.

“At no time during the meeting did any member mention the word ‘impeachment.” he said

“At all times, we welcome criticisms, because we don’t know it all and we have never pretended to do so. The communiqué was clear on what matters were deliberated upon at the meeting. We had earlier explained what transpired with regards to the Paul Le Guen issue. He was recommended but we failed to agree terms; it happens every now and again all over the world. You want to employ someone but you fail to reach agreement on terms and conditions of service and the deal is off.” he concluded.

Yahaya-Kwande appealed to football–loving Nigerians to exercise a little more patience for the Board to hire a Technical Adviser for the Super Eagles and also affirmed that the Amaju is not a lone ranger but a part of the team.


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