The NFF, Paul Le Guen and The Take-away


Nigeria Football federation, NFF named Frenchman Paul Le Guen as the new Technical Adviser of the senior national team, while there was yet to be a solid agreement between both parties.

This is a matter many have described as an embarrassment to the nation.

Since the unceremonious departure of Sunday Oliseh as the head coach of the senior national team, shopping for the new team handler has been a herculean task for the football house with preference for a foreign coach.

People reject job offers and it never becomes a big deal. It is a big deal when you announce your wedding date, printed invites while you were yet to propose to a woman

Nigeria is faced with a task of qualifying for the Russia 2018 World Cup, and this would be the major target for the new head coach since the team had failed to make it to next AFCON.

With this mindset and rush, the NFF unprofessionally announced that it had appointed former PSG manager which he objected due to not wanting targets written into the deal,  did not want to live in Nigeria and insisting on bringing his own assistants. Nigerians even found out via social media that the deal has not been struck as revealed by a journalist with l’Equipe for Le Guen! Where did the NFF get it wrong?

Ordinarily, people reject job offers and it never becomes a big deal. It is a big deal when you announce your wedding date, printed invites while you were yet to propose to a woman.

”It’s not a big deal if a country and a manager can’t agree on terms, then the  manager turns down the job, but for NFF to announce him as a coach when an agreement has not been reached shows how unprofessional the NFF are,” Sam Sodje Nigeria Ex-International, told Vanguard stressing that ”It’s so embarrassing.”

When England lost out of Euro 2016 in France, the head coach Roy Hodgson resigned honourably having failed to meet up with expectations. The FA hence deemed it fit to replace the former Liverpool and Westbrom boss with all finger pointing at Sam Allardyce who has been under the radar close to a decade.

New filtered in that Sam Allardyce was in pole position to be named as manager but the English FA has never announced him as the toast. FA Chief Executive Martin Glenn confirmed that the Association was on track to appointing a new manager, “It’s been three weeks since the hunt started and we’re making good progress, we’re clear about what we’re looking for and we’ve interviewed a handful of people.”

We see how things are being done in an organized manner around the world. Even when the numbers are undisclosed, the terms are clear, nothing is done in the dark provided the deal is struck and agreed by the parties involved.

Now the Executive Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation has issued a 7-day ultimatum to the technical and Development Committee to recommend a new name for the vacant position of a technical adviser for the senior national team,

The question is what have we learnt from this?


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