What To Expect From The Techplus Conference

Techplus Conference

The official opening of the 2016 Techplus Conference is today.

The conference has been touted by all and sundry as the largest technology and innovation conference in Africa.

According to the last data released by the organisers, the Techplus Conference will play host to over 10,000 attendees, 50 speakers and over 100 exhibitors from the tech and startup community.

In case you will be at the conference, here are the highlights of what to expect:

  • There will be government track to focus on egovernment and how technology can be used by the public sector to scale operations, generate more revenue and manage affairs of their states with innovative tech tools.
  • There will be a startup sections focusing on success and failure stories
  • Marketing track will focus on how digital innovation disrupt brands and how marketers, agencies and advertisers can strategise to win.
  • A CIO forum- This will cater for C-Level executives in the management level on big data and data monetization.
  • There will be education track to focus on eschools. Nigeria’s education sector is lagging behind in the adoption of technology and software in aiding learning and research. This track aims to avail participants with latest thoughts and ideas on how to boost education and learning with tech.
  • For game and fun lovers, there will us be a gaming section for Mortal Kombat and other local games. Gamsole, a local gaming startup will be exhibiting one of its games built on the MTN Cloud platform.
  • There will be a training session in conjunction with Google and Livity to train young people on digital schools.

MTN, the headline sponsor of the of the event has promised to blanket the event centre with free WiFi, so be on the lookout for that.

PageOne.ng will also be at the event, profiling some of the best ideas the event has to offer.


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