Orange Acquires Airtel Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

A month after the the company acquired Airtel Burkina Faso, Orange has just announced today that, together with its Senegal-based partner Sonatel, it has completed the acquisition of 100% of the mobile operator Airtel Sierra Leone.

Since the signature of an agreement with Bharti Airtel International Netherlands BV in January 2016, Orange has obtained all the official approbations necessary to complete this transaction.

Airtel is the market share leader in Sierra Leone with over 1.3 million customers (on the basis of active customers within within the last 30 days) for a total population of 6.3 million people.

The country has a Mobile penetration of around 50% of the population, and according to Sierra Leone offers considerable growth potential, particularly at a time when significant investments are underway to extend the operator’s 3G network.

Orange said, the investments planned in the coming years will enable customers in Sierra Leone to benefit from the support of the Sonatel group and take advantage of the Orange group’s expertise and momentum in terms of innovation and development of the digital ecosystem. Following the recent launch of operations in Liberia and Burkina Faso, Airtel Sierra Leone becomes the 21st country in Africa and the Middle East to join the Orange group.

Bruno Mettling, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Orange group and Chairman & CEO of Orange MEA, stated: “We are pleased to announce that the acquisition of the mobile operator Airtel in Sierra Leone has been finalised. This new acquisition, which will be consolidated by Sonatel, will further strengthen Orange’s strategic position on the African continent.”

Just as the Burkina Faso, Orange did not disclose how it paid for the acquisition of the company.

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