Debuts Tomorrow


By 12.00 am Nigerian time tomorrow,, the eCommerce startup planning to sell livestocks such as cows, chicken, goats, pigs etc. will be live to customers.

In a phone chat with Emmanuel Jaitto-Jeffrey, CEO/Founder of, the site is finally ready to take its first orders from the public.

The company offered’s startup team an exclusive preview of the final site. From the look of things, the team’s engineering team has done a great job owing to the fact that company is delving into a more demanding aspects of eCommerce.

When it is live tomorrow, it will allow customers will have access to daily deals, special sales events. The team is also working on its gift card that will allow anyone generate a gift card. The card can then be exchanged for any livestock on the site.

Emmanuel said the functionality is already in the works and will be shipping soon.


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