ShowMax Hits 10 Million Views


A year after it was floated by Naspers to checkmate the global incursion of Netflix, ShowMax has announced that total views of TV shows and movies watched by its customers exceeded 10 million.

In total, more than five million hours of content have been viewed, the equivalent of more than 500 years if played back-to-back. Barron Ernst, Chief Product Officer for ShowMax said:“We knew we had a good product and an incredible engineering team when we launched ShowMax, but hitting this milestone in under a year is tangible proof that we’re on the right track.”

According to the company, some of the key features contributing to the popularity of ShowMax include:

  • The ability to download content to Android and Apple smartphones and tablets for viewing offline, addressing the challenge that internet connectivity isn’t yet ubiquitous in Africa
  • User-selectable bandwidth capping function that allow users to reduce data consumption by selecting a lower streaming video quality level
  • Partnerships with local connectivity providers to make it easier to access ShowMax and further reduce the cost of data
  • Prepaid vouchers, giving access to customers who don’t have a credit card
  • A large selection of local content on top of some of the most popular shows from Hollywood and the UK

“A service like ours isn’t static – It’s a constant process of making improvements and rolling out new features, monitoring the impact, and then making further tweaks.

“The positive reception we’ve had so far has come from listening to the needs of our customers and avoiding a one-size-fits-all mentality. There’s still loads to do and we’ve got a bunch of developments in the pipeline, but I’m pleased with what we’ve achieved so far”, concludes Ernst.

ShowMax is available in 37 countries in Africa, and supplies services to another 28 countries outside the continent.

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