Glo To Add At Least 1 Million New Subscribers In Q2

All other things being equal, Globacom will be adding at least 1 million new subscribers on its network just as the telecom category awaits the NCC subscriber data for Q2 2016.

The company is expected to gain such feat because of its aggressive data campaign. Glo had gone ahead at the tail end of the first quarter gone on the offensive by crashing its subscription rates for all data packages below price points that anyone in the category can offer.

In the first quarter of the year, Glo had 34,608,793 million active subscribers, it grew from 32,999,384 it had in Q4 2015. That is a growth of 4.9%. Glo competitors such Airtel had 2.4% growth, Etisalat had a negative growth of -1.3 while MTN had the most loss of customer base with -6.7% negative growth.

glo data
Glo’s aggressive data prices. Source: Glo

If Glo is using the data price joker to shore up its subscribers base and perhaps its revenue, what would be its alternative strategy to take on the competition should they try to match its data price points. However, some analysts argued that it is practically impossible for any of the competition fight Glo on data because of the company’s exclusive access to its Glo 1 fibre optic cable.

We look forward to NCC’s data for the telecom category to see how Glo plans to consolidate on its momentary win.


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