ScholarX App Goes Live On Google Play Store


After much efforts from the development team, ScholarX App, an Android mobile app that allows students search for scholarship schemes is finally available for download and use.

In a statement released to PageOne’s Startup desk, ScholarX makers said the app is now live on the Google Play store for all Android users to download and use for free.

Commenting on the milestone, Maxwell Ogunfuyi, founder and Tech Lead at ScholarX said ‘ScholarX App is free for anyone to download and enjoy our service. Additional features coming soon: iOS version, foreign universities admissions information, more exclusive scholarships. One year subscription for the app is NGN500 approximately USD1.8* only’.

As to how long the app took to develop, Maxwell said ‘It took us three months to complete the app, but the concept has always been with us’ he added.

In his previous statement to PageOne Startups announcing the app, Maxwell said the vision of ScholarX is to allow many Nigerians have a verifiable platform to access credible scholarship information that can assist them in getting standard education they keenly desire.

Maxwell and his co-founders will be exhibiting at the 2016 Techplus Conference in Lagos. Maxwell’s co-founders are Bola Lawal, a US based business consultant and Abayomi Johnson, CEO of Bisobim Company Limited.

*USD1 = NGN282


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