Twitter Has Signed A Streaming Deal With Bloomberg


Twitter has just signed another video streaming deal, this time around with- Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is the world’s largest provider of financial data and news for global financial market stakeholders.

Twitter already has a data license deal with Bloomberg which was signed in 2015. The company is already reporting revenue from data license but it is still very small compare to its advertising earnings.

As per its data license, it enables Bloomberg users to have access to:

  • A live feed of tweets relevant to financial professionals via TWTR and all news searches via NI and CN;
  • Real-time alerts on the day’s most important tweets curated by Bloomberg’s editorial staff via NI TWEET;
  • Social velocity monitoring to alert customers on spikes in Twitter activity about a company via BSVM, with more tools coming for commodities, foreign exchange, topics and regions;
  • Sentiment analytics for tweets about a company; and,
  • Curation and translation of non-English tweets.

However, another deal with Bloomberg but a video streaming partnership is Twitter’s move to grow its revenue and hit profit anytime soon.

The company has already inked a deal with NFL to stream live NFL games. Periscope, its acquired Twitter video streaming platform will be the core of the video streaming service.

Twitter will be looking at measuring all these moves to see how its profitability can come on stream as soon as possible. Twitter has not declared profit, its Q2 result will be a pointer to how far or near it is from the ‘holy grail’.


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