Lagos Passengers Gets Ready To Scoop UberIceCream


Uber’s app will now connect riders with drivers to bring passengers UberIceCream at the push of a button on the Uber App.

The service is to start on Friday 15 July 2016. Uber riders in Nigeria will be part of a global campaign were riders in 69 countries and 400 cities will be able to request an ice cream at a push of button.

Uber believes the love for ice cream transcends seasons, borders, and cultures. Which is why once every year Uber bring the frozen delight to you.

Uber said it has partnered with Hans and Rene to deliver premium and indulgent ice cream scoops. Riders in Lagos will be able to request 2 scoops of ice cream right to their doorstep, Uber has jazzed thing up a bit this year riders will get their Ice Cream delivered by roller skaters and bikes.

“UberIceCream is a global promotion that celebrates what we have in common, and gives us an opportunity to come together. We are thrilled to bring our riders this exciting experience and we hope riders will take a moment and indulge together” said Alon Lits General Manager for Uber Sub Saharan Africa.

Uber is now in 475 cities across 73 countries around the world. Uber is currently valued at USD 62.5 billion.



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