Theresa May To Assume Office As UK PM

assume office

Theresa May, the second woman to become a British Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher, will assume office shortly.

May emerged as the Prime Minister after a leadership shakeup in the Conservative Party and the back out of Andrea Leadsom over an alleged embarrassing statement she made about May.

Today, May will be taking over from David Cameron as the substantive Prime Minister. She will however be tasked with difficult task ahead.

First is the need to negotiate UK’s exit from Europe. This is the toughest of her duty as EU members are ready to remain adamant on core issues such as immigration, trade and financial markets.

May will also have to prevent the eventual breakup of the UK. Aftermath of the election shows Scotland and Northern Island are not approving of Brexit. Scotland in particular has been closing ranks with EU leaders to see how they can remain a part of the EU. Another referendum might happen should May fail to convince Scottish leaders to stay.

The Conservative Party is also in tatters. The resignation of David Cameron speaks volume. The party is divided against itself and it will take time and tact for May to unite it.



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