MRS Holdings Denies Owing AMCON

denies owing

The expected winding of MRS Holdings might be a legal battle that will drag for a long time as the company denies owing AMCON.

In a statement released to the press, the company said:

“Our attention has been drawn to a recent publication by the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) alleging that MRS Holdings Limited is indebted to it in the sum of N81 billion and that the corporation has instituted suit No: FHC/L/CP/923/2016 to wind up the company over its inability to pay the alleged debt.”

“MRS challenges in the strongest possible terms, the false claim by AMCON that the company is indebted to AMCON in the sum of N81 billion or any sum at all. The correct position is that MRS obtained a loan from a consortium of banks in Nigeria for a viable project,”

AMCON has not released a counter-statement on the issue but the next coming days would witness a legal tussle between the two parties.



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