TechPlus Set To Unveil Driverless Car In Nigeria


As part of the preparation towards this year’s edition of the TechPlus Conference, organisers of the event are doing something different- driverless car.

Today and for the first time in Nigeria, the driverless car will be unveiled in the country. The car has been touted by Google (an Alphabet company).

In conjunction with Nissan. It runs on a software developed by Google and its Google Map as its navigation core.

However, the readiness of the Nigerian albeit Lagos road for a driverless car might be something to ponder about. Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital is home to one of the most complicated road network and traffic jams. While the government is making efforts at remodelling major roads, the state still has many projects under works to make it fully-fit for such innovation.

The 2016 Techplus Conference will be holding from July 21st to 23rd, 2016 at the Eko Hotels Conference Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. Tech and digital leaders in industry,  leaders have been lined up to speak at the event.



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