NCMISF: What To Do When You Are Hacked?


The Nigerian Stock Exchange is partnering with HP and Microsoft to promote ‘hacking education’ in Nigeria’s financial and corporate environment at this year’s edition of the NCMISF

This year’s edition of the Nigerian Capital Market Information Security Forum, NCMISF the exchange in partnership with leading IT and web security partners will be zeroing-in on ‘What to do when you are hacked

The NCMISF brings together various stakeholders in the Nigerian capital market to collaborate and share knowledge on Information Security best practices and cyber breaches within the Nigerian capital market and the global securities market at large, thereby offering participants with an early warning system in addition to sharing resolutions on any ensuing issues.

According to the NSE “The NCMISF will feature a robust team of proven industry professionals who will guide executives in the capital market on cyber-attacks and building resilience in their businesses. The topics to be covered include:

  • What to Do When You Get Hacked?
  • Incorporating Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning into your Processes
    • Recovery Team Objectives
    • Identifying Key Dependencies
    • Public Relations
    • Legal and Regulatory issues
    • Notifications and Disclosures

The event will hold on 12th of July, 2016 at the The Nigerian Stock Exchange, Stock Exchange House in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in Western and Eastern Africa. The exchange resumes for trading between 9.30am and 2.30pm weekdays. Equities,bonds and ETFs traded on the exchange with a market capitalisation of NGN9.9 trillion (USD34.9 billion) year to date.



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