Union Dicon Salt Invests Into Rice and Starch Production


Union Dicon Salt said it it is in final stages of negotiation to acquire the second largest rice farm in Nigeria.

The company also hinted in its statement that it has signed an agreement to get gas from PNG Gas LImited to fire its proposed starch processing plant in Umutu in Delta State.

The company  said the move is a continuation of its strategic plan to becoming a fully integrated Agro Industrial National champion

Furthermore, it is in final stages of negotiation to acquire the 2nd largest rice farm in Nigeria. UDS Plc has been diversifying into the Agro Industrial Sector, with an initial concentration of Cassava, and Starch processing. UDS Plc IS building the largest industrial starch processing facility in Nigeria.

The company announced last month invested USD100 million in Alape Staple Crop Processing Zone, SCPZ in Kogi State. The company did not state where the plantation is located and how much the deal will be closed at.



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