Mara Launches MaraJobs Recruitment Portal


Mara Group, an integrated investor in tech, eCommerce, productivity and financial services is set to launch Marajobs, a recruitment portal. is coming into a very large market with small and large scale players. Because of Mara’s pedigree in aggressively investing in ideas they believe in, the digital recruitment space will be welcoming a bigger player into the labour market.

The Genesis

Mara must have been nursing the idea of a recruitment portal for so many years. In 2012, Ashish Thakkar, CEO of Mara Group announced the launch of The dream of the platform was to become Africa’s first multi-lingual online portal for youth mentorship and entrepreneurship.

As the company evolved, became the official site for Mara Group. The company later launched Mara Mentor, a mentoring app in 2014. The eventual introduction of a job portal has finally completed Ashish Thakkar’s vision.

The site is already live and from its look and feel will be targeting the white-collar environment. To entice employers and job seekers, Marajobs will be giving out gifts to the first 1,000 sign ups on the site.

As for corporates wanting to leverage Marajobs for talent search, it is absolutely free. Interested companies can contact Bolanile Olatunji, Country Manager, Mara Nigeria via: for more information.

Strong backing

Mara is well known for its investment in financial services sector. Atlas Mara, its financial services focused company is a major shareholder in Union Bank and other banks. Therefore Marajobs would not be starved of the necessary funds to compete with other players in the category.

Atlas Mara was founded by Bob Diamond, former CEO of Barclays Bank and Ashish Thakkar, the CEO of Mara Group.

According to FT, Atlas Mara offloaded its 12.3% stake held in Ecobank Transnational Limited worth about USD 230 million to increase its stake in Union Bank from mere 9% to 30% for USD 270 million.

Ideas in the Cooler?

Mara Group is also gearing up to launch itself fully into the African eCommerce space.

It would be recalled that Mara had announced that the site will be called Mara Sokoni, the change of name might be a plan to properly position itself in the category with a name that tells customers what it stands for, its eCommerce site is already prepping to launch. It topline promise includes:

  • Exclusive International brands
  • Wide variety of products
  • Irresistible deals
  • Great deliveries
  • Online shopping you can finally trust

Mara will also be having its own logistics business to deliver all its other orders. The company will set up Mara Express to cater for all its needs.



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