Freedom 251, The World’s Cheapest Smartphone Is Out

Freedom 251

After much promise to deliver the cheapest smartphone, Ringing Bells, an Indian smartphone maker has finally launched its Ringing Bells Freedom 251 smartphone to the Indian market.

The phone will go for RRP of USD4 in India, its primary home. It is unclear if the company will be selling the phone at the same price around the world.

Confirming the distribution matrix put in place for Freedom 251, Ashok Chadha, President of Ringing Bells said “We have more than 200 distributors in the country. The assembling is in India, the packaging is in India and the logistics are in India. Our ultimate vision is to set up a manufacturing plant in India,”

The company said 5,000 units of the phone will be delivered today. However, the company will not be selling the phone openly but through a raffle draw. The company said “We want Freedom 251 to reach every state in the country”- in India.

Sustaining the cost of production with a USD4 price would be a big task for Ringing Bells. However, Chadha said “Our bill of material cost remain between Rs 1,250 – 1,400 for Freedom 251, and our selling price is Rs 251. Obviously there’s a gap. We are trying to do our innovative e-commerce, through pre-loaded apps and through advertising to fill that gap. And all the subventions from that, we give back to the community”.




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