PageOneTWTRChat With Emmanuel Jaitto-Jeffrey,

One of the most interesting thing about the business environment in Nigeria, is that, it is very creative, dynamic and locally-inspired.

Young and tech savvy Nigerian business men and women are using their knowledge of digital media and ICT to develop businesses that attend to local needs.

Three weeks ago, exclusively featured, an eCommerce site that will be selling livestocks such as cows, chicken, goats and pigs planned to go live in the next few days. BaseMarket will provide this service in an end-to-end manner that allows it meet a niche but promising market.

Emmanuel Jaitto-Jeffrey, CEO/Founder of will be joining us on the fifth edition of our PageOneTWTRChat.

By 12 p.m GMT +1 on Thursday, 30th of June, 2016, join us at, we will be live, chatting with Oladimeji. Follow the conversation with the official hashtag #PageOneTWTRChat.

For any question, follow PageOne_NG on Twitter and send us a message with your question(s). All relevant questions will be screened and relayed live. See our terms and conditions for more information and rules guiding the event.

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