Custodian & Allied Insurance Appoints Omobola Johnson As Chairperson

Omobola Johnson

Custodian & Allied Insurance PLC, a composite insurance and protection provider has appointed Chief Mrs Omobola Johnson as its new chairperson after the resignation of Chief Michael Ade Ojo as the Chairman of the company.

The decision was reached at the company’s annual general meeting held on the 23rd of June, 2016. The company also has a new board of directors ratified at the meeting.

Omobola Johnson was the former Minister for Information and Communication Technology under the last government in Nigeria. It is expected that she will bringing her apt understanding of ICT technology in the way Custodian & Allied Insurance PLC does its business and compete in the market.

According to her profile on Wikipedia, prior to her Ministerial appointment she was country managing director for Accenture, Nigeria. She had worked with Accenture since 1985 when it was Anderson Consulting. Johnson is the pioneer head of the country’s communication technology ministry, which was created as part of the transformation agenda of the Nigerian government.

Omobola co-founded a women’s organization, WIMBIZ in 2001. She has earned several public commendation since taking up her first government assignment as minister in 2011. This is following the numerous achievements of her ministry notably among which is the launch of the NigComSat-IR Satellite.

In its financial result for Q1 2016 the company’s revenue for the quarter grew by 28% to NGN 8.2 billion at the end of the quarter  compared to NGN6.4 billion it earned in the same quarter last year.



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