Genesis Deluxe Cinemas Rebrands To Genesis Cinemas

Genesis Deluxe Cinemas

Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, one of the front line cinema operators in Nigeria has changed its logo and identity.

The company has been using the logo and identity since it started showing films at its first cinema hall located at the Palms Shopping Mall, Lekki Lagos in 2008.

A major change to its identity is- the company has dropped ‘Deluxe’ from its name and it is now simply known as ‘Genesis Cinemas’. The new logo accentuates the stylized ‘G’ alphabet from the word ‘Genesis’ in its name with a brighter purple colour. Because of its line of business, the company also added film strip to its logo. Before this time, the old logo only has a stylized ‘G’ and the rest of the name written in a special font.

It is unclear how soon Genesis Cinemas would execute the identity change across its four chains of cinemas in Nigeria. The company will also be opening its fifth chain at the newly-opened Maryland Mall in Lagos, its second outlet in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city.

According to its website, ‘GDC is one of Nigeria’s leading cinema developers and operators of multiplex cinemas in Nigeria. GDC is part of the Genesis Group, a Nigerian based conglomerate established in 1991 with its key focus on hospitality and entertainment with diverse interests in Restaurants, Hotels, Industrial Catering, Cinemas, Family Entertainment Centres and Facility Management’.

‘The Genesis Deluxe Brand and company was launched unto the Nigerian market in 2008 in Lagos. By the month of December 2011, the company had served over 5 million customers. Since then, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas has grown to 4 cinemas with 15 screens and over 2000 seats. Genesis Deluxe Cinemas has cinemas located in Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Warri and Abuja’.

The company said its ‘strategy to continue to grow in all major cities of the country will have us opening in more locations in 2016 and beyond‘.



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