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Four months ago, I started with the support of an amazing team. They are ordinary people like you who are passionate about tech, business and startups.

We are grateful to our fast growing profile of readers and loyal enthusiasts.

We have tried in our capacity to scout, write and promote people with ideas that can change the way we use tech, do business and lead our lives. After setting the standards, we discover that thousands of startups are still there undiscovered.

We decided to allow you tell your own story in a way that is engaging, creative and clear to your targets to pick interest in your venture, invest or collaborate with you.

Use the form below to submit at least a 300 word article and a maximum of 450 words about your startup. Make your article simple, clear and straight to the point. Please read the terms and conditions to learn the rules and regulations guiding this initiative.

As a guide, here is a hint on how to write a compelling startup story:
Warning! It is a story to formally promote your startup/product, do not oversell.
-What: What is your startup about? Define what the product is in simple terms
-Short profile of who are your team members (yourself)
-For Who: Who is your startup/product meant for? Target users, segments etc.
-Positioning: What makes your startup unique or different
-How: Describe in simple terms how your startup/product is used. If you use any jargon or technical word, please explain it
-Pricing: Do customers pay for the product? How much do they pay?
-When are you going live? Include a link to your demo or a beta page.
-Make a demand: You can tell your readers to take an action, register or visit your site.

Images: Using at least an image with your startup story, will balance your article. Please do not forget to send at least an image to:

We will love to support and help you share your story.

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Terms and conditions reserves the right to publish your story. Any information you share on will be used publicly. cannot be held liable for any theft of your idea by any party or group.
-All stories must follow the prescribed format
-PageOne will edit stories to ensure they fit the prescribed format
-To find out why your story is not published, please send a mail to:

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