One Woman At A Time- The TechHer Story

The role of the female gender in the global tech ecosystem cannot be waved aside.

Although the gender disparity is still wide, some good people amongst us have taken it upon themselves to bridge the gap, provide and retool women with needed skills so that they stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts.

One of the most outstanding people bridging this gap is Chioma Agwuegbo through TechHer. We PageOne spoke to Chioma and she shared the TechHer Journey so far and her plans going forward.

I wanted to find women working  within technology (either enabled by it or working on it as the core of their functions) in August 2015, and I was particularly interested in figuring out why despite all of the communication around ‘bringing women into technology’ it never seemed like the numbers were growing.

Chioma Agwuegho, Source:
Chioma Agwuegho. Source:

One Google form and over 100 responses a few days later, we held a simple event in Abuja, and TechHer was born. We started periodically asking the women on our list, “how can we help you be better?” The answers to that question have led us to organizing:

  1. Coding classes (9 weeks from November to December – Tuesdays and Thursdays. We had people teach Python programming language for free)
  2. Web management classes (2 Fridays in December. We got a domain/host service provider to give 10 women domains with free hosting for a year for free)
  3. A legal Clinic (one evening. We assembled tax and company registration/commercial lawyers to talk to the women for free)
  4. Digital Marketing class (one evening in Lagos co-hosted with Andela, another in Abuja)
  5. Business Development class (one evening in Lagos co-hosted with Andela, another in Abuja)

We’re active on social media (Twitter/Instagram/Facebook) as @TechHerNG and across the platforms, we teach, preach collaboration, and provide support where we can in a number of ways – Wednesdays we profile women in Africa we have identified as inspiring (on our website), on Thursdays we dissect a topic related to technology, and on Friday we promote female-led businesses for free.

We also have a WhatsApp group with just about 80 women where they hold conversations about anything, long as it helps them become better at work, facilitate new business connections, or opens them up to new opportunities. We also use it as a job board.

Where we are now – We’re thinking through a number of activities for our first anniversary (August 28th 2016) and for the next two years.

At the heart of everything we do though is getting women connected to technology and providing peer support that is comfortable enough for them to grow.

Please follow us on social media so you never miss an update, and I’m happy to provide any other information/clarification.

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