Huroof Is ISIL’s Mobile App To Recruit Children Terrorists

The Islamic State in Syria and the Levant, ISIL, has just launched Huroof, a mobile app targeted at children to recruit them into its Jihad.

According an early warning statement issued by Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s federal minister of information, Huroof is designed to teach children how to join and fight Jihad.

Huroof means the Arabic word for letters. ISIL plans to use the app to teach children the Arabic alphabets with the aid of guns, military tanks and cannons.

‘The application utilizes colourful illustrations that attract and engage the attention of young children,’

In the last three years, ISIL has committed various acts of terror and occupied various parts of Syria, Iraq and even in Libya. Boko Haram, the Nigerian terror group had pledged allegiance to ISIL last year, but the United States intelligence officials have denied that there is a serious relationship between the two groups.

Huroof app is another attempt for ISIL to further preach its messages of terror globally. An attempt many countries would resist.

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