FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange Launches E-Markets, For Real Time Data Access

Dow JOnes

FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange has launched a new portal for its real-time market data for its dealing members.

The new platform is called e-Markets. The platform is live and require registration with the Exchange to use. It is available for use to brokers, investment analysts, dealers, market makers and all other authorised users.

E-Market has the following access types:

  • e-Knowledge
  • e-Benchmarks
  • e-Broker
  • e-Subscription
  • e-Registration
  • e-Message

FMDQ OTC Securities Exchange is the largest debt capital market in Nigeria created by the bankers committee, the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Financial Markets Dealers Association, FMDA.

According to its 2015 annual report, the exchange declared a net profit of NGN359 million.



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