Find out why France Will Win Euro 2016

This prediction may rasie some hopes in the camp of the French who are hosts of Euro 2016 having begun their campaign on a good note edging Romania 2-1 in the opening match of the tournament.

In the time past it was Octopus Paul that predicted the outcome of football games, today the French have their own Watson the Sea-Lion. The mammal predicted that the French team would secure passage to the quarter final of FIFA 2014 world cup in Brazil before they were knocked out by German.

In a report by Khaleej Times, He signals his choice by picking up one of three ice-boxes bearing the flags of the rival teams and a ‘draw’ sign.

Zoo keeper Pablo Joury hopes Watson will be a worthy successor to the German octopus, who accurately predicted Germany’s 2010 World Cup run and became a celebrity before dying a few months later.

Watson already predicted the outcome of the opening match selecting the home team as favourite. If this predictions were to be taking seriously, only time shall tell as the tournament runs through June 10 to July 10.

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