Facebook Now Allows Video Comments On Posts

Just like everyone is trying to play catch up, big tech giants are also trying to do so. Facebook has just increased its zest to catch up with Internet video boom by allowing video comments on posts

Before now users of Facebook can only post videos as an initial post. But through a hackathon caried by Facebook, the idea to allow users of Facebook comment with video was discovered.

[graphiq id=”lj43hC2fMYR” title=”Facebook Video Views per Day” width=”600″ height=”492″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/lj43hC2fMYR” link=”http://video-streaming-services.softwareinsider.com” link_text=”Facebook Video Views per Day | SoftwareInsider” ]

Video is a hot cake in the digital Internet space. The decision to allow video comment will skyrocket video contents on Facebook by three folds.

Some analysts however see the idea as a basic one and a move by Facebook to rival Snapchat, a video chat app that refused to sell itself to Facebook.


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