What We Learnt From PageOneTWTRChat With Oladimeji Joseph Fakayode, CEO/Founder Goly.co

Our #PageOneTWTRChat with Oladimeji Joseph Fakayode, CEO/Founder Goly.co just ended. Goly is a platform for consumers and businesses to reach their goals, with current focus on events.

We had an extensive chat with Joseph and he made us understand what makes Goly thick, his strategy in pricing, audience acquisition and competitive approach.

In case you missed it, here are the top five key take outs from the chat:

  1. In case you are wondering what Goly means, well Joseph made us know that the name is rooted in Swahili word called ‘Goli’

2.Goly wants to win the market city by city, especially cities where events often organised in large numbers.

3. The Nigerian event market is big and according to Goly, its worth 700 billion and there are about 180,000 unique weddings in Lagos alone.

4.Goly is already available in three markets, India will soon start operations

5. Although Joseph did built Goly with sweat and blood, Goly is very much liquid and funded by private and public instruments. Goly is also fast growing.


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