Samsung Is Coming To Market With Bendable Phones

For the first time, Samsung is looking at coming out with a product that is not a follow up to Apple and other competitors.

The company is looking at coming out with something revolutionary- bendable phones. People with the knowledge of the matter, these phones might be released in May 2017. The technology powering one of these phones would use organic light-emitting diodes.

The second Samsung model will have a 5-inch screen when used as a handset, that unfurls into a display that’s as large as 8 inches, similar to a tablet.

According to source who spoke to Bloomberg:

This product could be a game-changer if Samsung successfully comes up with a user interface suitable for bendable screens,” said Lee Seung Woo, an analyst at IBK Securities Co. in Seoul. “Next year is a probable scenario. Their biggest obstacle was related to making transparent plastics and making them durable, which seems resolved by now

If these information is true, then Samsung will be making a bold statement to the market. The company will be making a move that will bring investor, shareholders and consumer interests to its products. Samsung alongside other Asian phone makers have been criticised for their mimicking of Apple’s iPhone in its design. This argument had culminated into court cases overtime.

Samsung has not comment, deny or confirm the rumour. Investor reacted positively to the news as Samsung’s shares listed on Korea Exchange, KRX rose from KRW 1.37 million per share to KRW1.39 million per share after the trading day.

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