PageOneTWTRChat With Oladimeji Joseph Fakayode, CEO/Founder

After a brief recess, we are happy to announce yet another edition of our PageOneTWTRChat.

In this coming edition, we will be chatting with Oladimeji Joseph Fakayode (@Joeyfakay), founder/CEO Goly is an all-in-one platform to discover, sell, process orders & collaborate on event projects. From discovery to payments, have fun creating your wedding, birthday, exhibition, book launch, corporate party etc.

Because of Goly’s unique solution, we think PageOne readers, fans and the Nigerian business community will learn the secret of what makes the platform thick.

For all the sweat and blood he and his team has put into making Goly up and running, Oladimeji will be sharing inspiration tips for startups.

Exactly 12 p.m GMT +1 on Thursday, 9th of June, 2016, join us at, we will be live, chatting with Oladimeji. Follow the conversation with the official hashtag #PageOneTWTRChat.

For any question, follow PageOne_NG on Twitter and send us a message with your question(s). All relevant questions will be screened and relayed live. See our terms and conditions for more information and rules guiding the event.

See you at the chat.


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