BON Cloud, A Chinese Video Content Archive Expands To Africa


This might interest Nigeria and Nigerian broadcasters, content producers wanting to report more about China by using Chinese contents in their reportage, production and other visual contents. BON Cloud has just expanded into Africa.

BON Cloud is a video-archive where broadcasters and international media professionals can get videos on various aspects and socio-economic lives of China, has expanded to Africa.

BON Cloud boasts of an active database of more than 6,000 users. They can download, re-edit and repurpose videos on the platform. The site has over 4,200 short videos in its archive. Through an expansion with cooperating media partners through South and Southeast Asia, BON Cloud now reaches Africa for the first time.

Commenting on the move, Ash Bowkett, VP, International Business Development at BON Cloud said “The purpose of BON Cloud is to provide access to fresh, professional China-related content to content acquisition professionals, editors, and producers, across Africa’s 54 nations, and license – free. Across Africa, audiences and industry alike are showing increasing interest in China, whether as a strategic development partner, for international trading purposes, or as a holiday destination. We are strongly positioned as the only non-news China-content provider source for Africa.”

Stating the strategy of the BON Cloud, the company believes its content is story-focused, diverse, high-quality and current, preferring to offer stories about China, instead of advertising or promotions. The international team driving BON Cloud is at the disposal of media organisations across Africa, ready to support the online delivery of fresh, compelling video stories whenever the broadcast need arises.

BON Cloud is already been used by Bloomberg and Associated Press for business and culture videos respectively.

On its website, the company’s CEO said “We created this platform to decrease friction in the creation, buying, selling, and distribution of various forms of multi-media, while increasing communication between all interested parties.”

BON Cloud is owned by BON TV, a a 24/7 linear international channel. Both BON Cloud BON TV are owned by Blue Ocean Network.


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