PageOne Markets Update: NSE All Share Index Bullish On Friday, Increased By 0.09%

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The Exchange was bullish today but the momentum seems to be waning. With a bumper pack, here is PageOne Markets Update for today for Friday 27th of May, 2016 and weekly view of the market.
Analyst view:

Activities on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) close for the week with another positive index achieved as it continue to responded positively to the MPC decisions.

Reports shows  that the market capitalisation continue to grow positively  it close for the week  at N9.934 trillion increase  by N8.508 billion or 0.09 per cent  compare to N9.926 trillion on Thursday.

Also, the All-Share Index appreciated by 24.78 points or 0.09 per cent to close at 28,902.25 points ,against 28,877.47 on Thursday.

Top gainer

Gainers for equities was led by Ecowas transnational it took turn to led the gainers’ table with a gain of 1.55 to close at N18.05 per share. Etranzact also gained 34k to close at  N5.01, Mansard  increased by 11k to close at N2.32 per share. Trans express   gained 8k to close at N1.522 and Unity bank  grew by 7k to close at 93 per share.

top gainers

Top Losers

Losers for equities  as could not be  retain since the week started, as reports shows that UACN  led the Losers  table with a loss of N1.10 to close at N20.90 per share. UpL also may a loss of 47k to close at N4.42, Tigerbrands   decline by 24k to close at N5.31per share  Eterna oil also made a loss 17k to close at N3.24 while Pharmadeko made a lose of 9k to close at N1.86  per share.
top losers


Most active

The Most active sector table change today FBNH led in term  of volume of shares trade, accounting for 100.52m share value at N 444.88, Transcorp trailed with an exchange of 82.59m valued at N119.25m see the table below:

most active

Most Traded

FBNH lead the most traded chart  in term of value trade, accounting for 100.52m share value at N444.88m but increase by 0.01% to close at N4.36 Oanda(MRF)  trailed with an exchange of 20.54m valued at N159.52m and also increase by 0.20% in price to close at N7.50.

See the table below:

most traded


Top turnover

FBNH has the highest turnover of valued at N 444.88 but declined by  by 0.01%  to close at N4.36 also was Access with N377.81m with a 0.02% drop to close at N5.96, Nigeria breweries   also made a turnover of valued N223.03m and increase by  1.32%  to close at N142 while Zenith bank  closed with N179.83m but with a drop  also of  0.52% in price to close at N16.58

See the table below:

top turnover

In all, a total of N621 million shares worth N2.814 billion were traded by investors in 5,802 deals, in compared with 651 million shares valued at N5.020 billion which exchanged hands in 5796 deals on Thursday.


ASI 28,902.25
DEALS 5,802.00
VOLUME 621,445,768.00
VALUE 2,814,411,459.35
CAP 9,934,909,471,038.87

The equity market capitalisation of N9.934 trillion is 58.34% of the total market capitalisation N17.03 trillion.

Weekly Summary

Equity Market High and Low for the week

equity cap




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