Mohammed Omran Of EGX Becomes Vice President WFE

Mohammed Omran

Dr. Mohammed Omran of the Egyptian Exchange, EGX recently won the positions of the Vice Chairman of the sustainability committee and the Vice Chairman of the Emerging Markets Committee at the World Federation of Exchanges, WFE.

Dr. Mohammed Omran, EGX Chairman, stated winning these positions came as an appreciation for the vital role that EGX plays on the international front, where EGX continuous supported various Arab and African exchanges to become WFE members, the most prominent institution in the capital markets’ field. It’s worth mentioning that, EGX was the first Arab and the second Africa stock exchange to join the WFE in 2005.

Dr. Omran also added that winning the vice chairman of sustainability committee came to celebrate effort done by EGX as one of the stock exchanges participating in establishing the WFE sustainability committee in March 2014 hand in hand with other WFE members who are leaders in this field.

This Committee currently has 21 members, includes Nasdaq Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse Group, Istanbul Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange, Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the Singapore Securities Market.

WFE was founded in 1961. It was formerly the Federation Internationale des Bourses de Valeurs FIBV, or International Federation of Stock Exchanges, a trade association of 63 publicly regulated stock, futures, and options exchanges across the world.



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