Why Is Google Doing This?


After the much touted 2016 Google I/O, I did took a swipe at two of Google’s major announcements.

I believed Allo and Duo, both messaging apps are not only same of the same but unnecessary waste of Google’s resources, especially at a time when the company profit is no longer growing like before.

I just took some time to preview Allo on Google Play Store and my disappointment became more intense into a state of despair.

What on earth is happening in Googolplex?

This was the same way Google shouted much about Google+ and how it will disrupt social networking. Google has stylishly abandoned the platform by subjugating it to its search usability.

Whoever made the decision that Google Hangout should be abandoned and further broken down into two apps is only making ridicule of what Google stands for.

This is a company whose unique search algorithm changed Internet search for good, a company that started working on self-driving cars before Elon Musk made 10k units of Tesla. A company that acquired YouTube and groomed it to become mega tech phenomenon. The company will be playing second fiddle to Mark Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp.

However in the spirit of appreciating handwork I wish Google best of luck.

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