Today Is The Last Day of The Most Boring Google I/O

For those who want to follow up on the latest innovation from Google, it seems there is not much new things coming from Google in this year’s Google I/O (Input/Output) Conference.

Two of the major ideas Google unveiled are nothing new and from my opinion, Google is just keeping up with the Joneses.

The unveiling of Allo and Duo, two messaging apps is a confusing idea to me. As described by The Verge, Allo is a mobile-only app that you sign up for with your phone number and have the option of connecting to your Google account. It has the usual messaging features, including emoji, some custom stickers, and the ability to draw on photos. It also has the ability to control the font size of your messages. 

It is an AI powered messaging app. The chatbot in the app is called Google Assistant that allows users to basically ask the assistant for information and they will be replied with automated replies. To protect itself from FBI and other regulatory requests, Google has built the app with end-to-end encryption. Users also have the levity to use its incognito mode.

Duo is a video-based messaging app that performs all the function of a video chat but it is only for mobile. The app allows whoever will be called to see a video preview of whoever is calling you- ‘knock-knock’

Google has Hangout app for both Android and iOS. The app can do video, text and voice chat. So why is Google coming up with two separate apps doing more or less the same thing Hangout is already capable of doing? It might be a change of strategy to position Google in the messaging war. But Google might be fighting a lost battle. As it is, mobile users are spoilt for choice.

Google Home is another announcement that looks like a big deal but it is competing with Amazon’s Echo. Echo is doing very fine in the market. The major edge Google Home has over Echo is its ability to sync with many devices within the home. Google Home will rejig the strategy of Nest, Google’s home automation unit, Chromecast and rub off heavily on Google Music and YouTube.

As at the last time PageOne reported on Echo, Amazon’s Echo is already doing great in the market. “Though Amazon has not released data about Echo’s market performance, but Consumer Intelligence Research Partners issued a report recently saying that Amazon had sold more than 3 million devices.”

Google should get out of segments where the battle has already been won. Google I/O is an interesting platform, but coming out with products like this makes Mark Zuckerberg laugh out loud in his office.

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