FG launches BIG An Online Platform To Support 100,000 SMEs

Unemployment is a major problem in Nigeria and many other countries in Africa. The new government wants to create jobs but it plans to do it by helping those who create the jobs- entrepreneurs.

The federal government of Nigeria through the federal ministry of trade and investment has partnered with the World Bank and other agencies to create BIG. BIG means business innovation and growth.

Through a website called bigportal.com.ng will register existing SMEs and propective startups, provide them with trainings on various aspects on how to run a business, get funding, sell among other things. After applicants pass through the training, they will then be provided with various phases of support. From capital matching, venture capital and other tools to run their business.

For any applicant to get involved, he or she must be a Nigerian who is 18 years and above. They must not have more than 100 employees.

The Nigerian government had given itself a huge target during its campaign to create 2 million jobs in the first year. The government just rolled out its social investment programme targeting over 8 million people.


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