Meet JerseyGramm, A Startup That Sells Jerseys, Gym Equipments and Sport Gears On The Internet.

The Nigerian tech ecosystem is having much push from eCommerce players. However, as the competition within the category becomes tensed, there is a resort to divergent approach by new startups to still play within the fringes of the market while still in a position that makes them manage cost, low burn rates and reach profitability faster than their bigger counterparts.

As as culture to scout and promote promising startups, we came across JerseyGramm. The massive popularity of football and other sports in Nigeria makes the idea of selling jerseys on the Internet a sensible one. JerseyGramm is basically a niche player that aims to do this well.

In an exclusive interview with Faniyi Ayomikun, founder of JerseyGramm he told us interesting details about his short, medium and long term goals.

How did you come about selling sports jerseys on the Internet?

Easy accessibility to premium quality sports gears at competitive prices is basically what led to JerseyGramm. A comprehensive sports gear online presence was non-existent in Nigeria and we decided to fill that gap.

Every viable business will definitely have competitors, but the question boils down to are you going to stay ahead of the competition or get lost in the crowd.

What is your edge in the market?

Thinking out of the box and taking unorthodox risk in an industry which is not familiar with this and not just settling in the comfort zone,we want to reach the apogee of this industry and stay there

Are you focusing on app, online or mobile orders?

Both, Our customers span from all walks of life,and we treat all our customers with top notch service, always. Our online site is up and running. While we have already begun working on our app in due time it will be launched.

What is your biggest risk(s)

Logistics: shipping of goods,which was cumbersome but, we have partnered with reliable couriers service providers to reduce those risks drastically, since inception we have been getting positive feedbacks.

How do you see the startup ecosystem?

It is a thriving industry and as all thriving industries the stimuli for this continual improvement is for more youths to grab the opportunity as the world is a global village already and it’s not waiting for anyone. We have to keep on improving and accentuating the industry, because in a few years to come I believe it will be a major cash cow for Nigeria.

What is your biggest challenge?

Capital was an issue,also there is no structure in this industry, competition; trying to carve a niche for myself and standing out from competition.

Any plan of expansion out of Nigeria? 

Definitely we are already expanding to neighbouring countries,we shall keep you updated in respect to that. We should be exporting our own top notch made in Nigeria jerseys,in the next 5 years or less,also being the biggest ecommerce sports store in Africa.

Have you received any venture funding?

No. All capital was raised from the scratch through dedication, hard work and excellent customer relations to the level we are now,

When are you starting officially?

We will be launching officially May 20th.

Do you think the new Forex policy would affect your business?

loool, it is already but that doesn’t stop us from giving our customers the best still at competitive prices.

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