‘Fantastic’ Gaffe, Demands No ‘Fantastic’ Apology

David Cameron might have bitten more than he can chew.

His gaffe calling Nigeria alongside Afghanistan as “the most corrupt” and with his popular phrase “fantastically corrupt” is a trending issue going wild. This came at a wrong time when Cameron himself will be hosting the Anti-corruption Summit in London.

It has earned him accolades amongst those who believe in his narrative that Nigeria is irredeemably corrupt.

Conversely, he has garnered bad public relations for himself and the UK. Critical questions are being asked about the UK’s involvement in the promotion of corrupt practices. Nigerians, UK citizens and anti-corruption icons are of the opinion that the UK and other Western countries are complicit in the process

For a Prime Minister of the 5th largest economy and a member of the UN Security Council. The United Kingdom is very influential. The UK has committed millions of Pounds solving poverty and inequality in many countries of Africa, Asia and other developing nations. The UK is believed to be qualified to call to action any untoward happenings in any country.

However, David Cameron’s statement dampens the UK’s effort in fighting corruption. Many public officials who are being charged with many cases of corruption are in the UK. Funds looted by such characters are seating UK banks and would require a lot of processes to retrieve.

President Muhammadu Buhari through his media aide said Cameron’s statement is ’embarrassing’. Today, Femi Adesina, his spokesman said the Buhari would not demand an apology but a return of loot.

David Cameron might be making references to his statement. It is a reference that everybody will look towards.

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