Sorry! Microsoft’s MSN Portal Has Been Knocked Out Of China

This is not a good news for anyone betting on China to grow their tech business. It is about MSN China.

Microsoft has just announced that it will be shutting down its MSN China portal. While the company did not give any concrete reason, it is clear to anyone who has been watching what is going on in China and how Chinese population are using web technologies.

MSN China has been playing almost no fiddle to local players such as Tencent’s Sina Weibo. Its MSN Messenger that used to be the darling of Chinese fast growing Internet lover has been shut down more 24 months ago.

The company still has a strong foothold in China. Microsoft situated its largest research centre in Beijing, China’s capital. I guess, it is not only Mark Zukerberg that is not worried by the fog.

It is glaring  that Microsoft would not do well in the Internet portal and publishing business. The company will be focusing on its cloud business. In the last 10 months, it has pumped in millions of dollars to advertise its Microsoft cloud. Its Windows 10 business would get better attention.

Will this hurt Microsoft’s shares, it is not really probable. MSN China has been struggling and investors have not been oblivious of this fact.

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