Exclusive: 5 Take Outs From The PageOneTwitterChat With Social Lender

So we just concluded a much awaited Twitter chat with Social Lender. Social Lender () is a fintech startup that provides micro loans to people based on their social reputation.

Social Lender is among the 10 startups currently undergoing the Techstars Barclays Accelerator in Cape Town South Africa.

Faith Adesemowo , CEO of Social Lender made pertinent points and what makes Social Lender unique. We are glad to share the key take outs with you:

  1. Social Lender is 100% Nigerian. The entire team from programmers to analysts are local contents, who are proud to be in the team.

2. Social Lender will be going global after the completion of the Techstar Barclays Accelerator programme.

3. Social Lender the will soon be shipping ‘pay with Social Lender’ a feature that allows eCommerce shoppers to obtain micro loans to pay for items with online merchants of their choice.

4. In case you are worried if Social Lender would be able to monitise the platform, here is how they plan to do it:

5. In case you are thinking the company would forget its humble beginning, the company will not abandon Nigeria after starting from here. It plans to retain its HQ in Nigeria.

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