Marketing Needs Power

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The power value chain is one of the most convoluted in the world. As regards the energy crisis in Nigeria. There is a consenting narrative that is perhaps becoming a broken record. Except for usual case of vandalism that cuts gas supply to power generation plants, the generating aspect of the value chain has been proven to be stable. The major cog in the wheel of progress are transmission and distribution.

However, there is another important part of this value chain that has never been looked at. It is pertinent to wager that should all stakeholders in the power industry consider it a germane aspect of the equation, some positive change might beckon on Nigerians.

It is simply marketing. Since the unbundling of the power sector into these key areas, energy companies have not changed their approach into the running of their business. As relics of a dysfunctional public organisation called NEPA, most beneficiaries are running the businesses as their predecessor. They are often distanced from their customers. Because of the apathy on the part of Nigerians, most Nigerians do not even know that NEPA no longer exist and the government is longer the benefactor of any of the power companies.

Marketing is not theory. Marketing is not media and advertising gimmicks. Marketing is everything you do including production of goods and services to satisfy the most important person who is the customer.

Energy companies must know that all Nigerians know the herculean task they face. From financing, manpower, opaque government policies to sabotage. But applying the tenets of marketing makes a marketer realise that customers should not be bogged by excuses on why they cannot get the best service that they pay for.

Talking and working with professionals would go a long way. Power is critical to Nigeria’s development and for it to be possible, the right must be done. It is not just about firing a gas plant or connecting cables, it is about connecting all the dots that makes everything work in unison.

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