JetVan, A Startup That Hires Luxury Mercedes Sprinter Vans Is Launching Today


While Uber and other car hire businesses are looking at the bigger market, other entrepreneurs are looking at the gap that exist in the market, the top end of the market.

Is not just thinking of a car as the answer but a luxury van (bus). That startup is JetVan. The more interesting thing is that JetVan is launching today. The startup is coming to further disrupt a very competitive car hire business in Lagos.

Source: JetVan

The company has a website where customers can place order to hire any of the JetVans. JetVan is targeting luxury customers who would need the vans for school buses, hospital ambulances, hotel pickups, travel and logistics, family van, VIP shuttle.

The company is using a signature fleets of brand new Mercedes Benz Sprinter buses. It is currently unclear how many of the buses are on its fleets and how much it will be charging for an average trip within and outside the city of Lagos.

JetVan would be looking at increasing perks and features in its buses to give customers a convincing reason to leave Uber, Metro Taxi etc. for its vans. This might however put pressure on the company’s margin.

PageOne will be interviewing JetVan as soon as possible to see what strategy it wants to use to gain relevance in an over-crowded and unregulated road transportation market.

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